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Pound Shop Material to Bonsai

Not all bonsai needs to be expensive. My introduction to bonsai was when I bought cheap £10 bonsai from a Christmas fair. It died! The next Christmas I bought a Christmas tree from the Pound Shop. I decided to see if I could make it into a bonsai.

Above is the Pound Shop Christmas Tree, December 2016

The roots were trimmed, the branches wired and the tree was transplanted into a bonsai pot.

August 2017. I was still learning how to wire a tree and you can see I was not very good or neat, but it was my first attempt. I joined NBS and began to learn from the other members about the correct way to wire.

July 2018. More wire, tighter bends in the branches trying to create a windswept design.​ At least the tree was still alive.

May 2018. Spring needles appearing.

December 2018. I entered my tree into the NBS Christmas themed monthly competition complete with miniature lights. It didn't win of course, but I like my first attempt at creating a bonsai from the Pound Shop.

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