Meeting reviews

News, photographs and reviews from recent meetings
August 2022 - Talk About Acers

Chairman Steve Brown gave a very interesting and detailed talk on every aspect of growing and caring for all varieties of Acers. It also included general bonsai care, pruning, feeding and watering etc.

June 2022 - Members Workshop

Very well attended workshop with lots of work taking place. Member Dawn Isaac brought in a selection of pots she made.

Also a great display of members "table" trees.

April 2022 - Corin Tomlinson Talk and Members Trees

Corin Tomlinson gave a talk and demonstration of deciduous tree refinement which included trimming, wiring and carving. He also reviewed members trees and gave advice on how to improve them.

March 2022 - Corin Tomlinson Workshop

Members received help and suggestions from the well know bonsai​ artist, Corin Tomlinson.

NBS Corin Workshop March 2022 1.jpg
NBS Corin Workshop March 2022 2.jpg
March 2022 - Members Saturday Workshop

We had a really good day at the NBS workshop. All the available table space was filled plus a little more too, and some good solid work was carried out by club members.

Also members were able to chat together and get advice from more experienced members.

March 2022 - Members Workshop

We held our first workshop meeting. It's good to see enthusiastic club members working on trees again. We also do a tree talk at every meeting. Members are always invited to bring trees in for informal display and a committee member will discuss the history, development, and future plans for each tree with its respective owner.

Also members brought along trees for discussion and display as below.

February 2022 - Talk and Members Trees

This month, long term member Jim Amos, gave an interesting and amusing talk about his 40 years of bonsai including many photographs of club member trips to exhibitions and bonsai nurseries at home and abroad.

Also members brought along trees for discussion and display as below.