We would like to welcome you to the Northamptonshire Bonsai Society (NBS).
Come along to a monthly meeting and meet friendly fellow bonsai enthusiasts
2021 - During COVID restrictions... 

Until we can resume normal meetings, each month we are watching a video (in our own time)

followed by meeting via Zoom video conference on the dates below at 7pm to discuss it.

Details of how to join the Zoom meeting will be e-mailed to each Northamptonshire Bonsai Society member


January 7th           7pm Zoom meeting (login details sent to members) to discuss the following videos

The first short video is by Heike van Gunst, a lady I have to admit I had not heard of before I saw this video. Nevertheless she has an undoubted talent and an internationally recognised track record for excellence in creating bonsai.

Video link:


For those of you who might not be quite so interested in decisions surrounding pot choice, perhaps this second video would be more to your liking. This is another well respected bonsai grower who some of you will no doubt know of by the name of Walter Pall. In this 8 minute video Walter talks about the correct way to develop thicker trunks in your bonsai, and a little of the science and reasoning behind his success.

Video link:

February 4th         7pm Zoom meeting (login details sent to members) to discuss the following videos

The first video is Tony Tickle with some advice on the most basic technique used to develop bonsai, called Clip and Grow. Although a basic technique that many of you will be familiar with, some bonsai ‘artists’ make this seem very complicated. Tony simplifies this method into a 5 minute video using (mostly) commonly available material.

The second video is a little more involved with Graham Potter showing how to develop Junipers, a species that many find difficult. This video runs for 9 minutes and gives a good insight into how to get started with very raw Junipers.

Graham Potter of Kaizen Bonsai talking about developing bonsai from basic material

The third video is another 9 minute film by Graham but this time looking at developing deciduous material salvaged from a garden. So if you have a shrub or small tree in your garden and are wondering how to create a bonsai from it, this will give you a good start. ​Graham Potter again offering something for nothing


March 4th             7pm  Zoom meeting (login details sent to members) to discuss the following videos

This month, and with an eye on repotting and pruning, I have chosen three videos, two of which are from Corin Tomlinson.


The first showing how to create a pre-bonsai quickly from garden centre material with some fairly significant pruning. 8 minutes 


The second video from Corin shows spring pruning and repotting of a very nice Japanese Maple, perhaps the opposite end of the spectrum from the first video. 20 minutes

The third video features a Japanese grower illustrating some more advance heavy pruning and grafting of roots on a Japanese Maple.

Rebuild roots,not branches or trunks 9 minutes


April 1st               7pm  Video to be advised

May 6th                7pm  Video to be advised


PROGRAMME 2021 - Provisional due to COVID

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all meetings will not restart until safe to do so 

January 7th           7-10  Subscriptions. Review trees for development in 2021 and take photographs


February 4th         7-10  Members’ Workshop


March 4th             7-10  


March 20th   Sat. 10-4  Corin Tomlinson Workshop


March 27th   Sat. 10-4  Members’ Workshop


April 1st                7-10  Chairman’s challenge. Problem trees fixed!


May 6th                7-10  Garden Party hosted by Steve and Hilary Brown


June 3rd               7-10  Preview trees for Annual Exhibition

June PROVISIONAL Sat or Sun 10-4  NBS Annual Show (Venue TBA)


July 1st                7-10  Members’ Workshop


August 5th           7-10  Steve McKee, guest speaker


September 2nd     7-10  Review the ‘2020’ trees


October 7th          7-10  Guest speaker Harry Harrington 

October 16th Sat. 10-4 Members’ Workshop


November 4th      7-10  Repotting Workshop


December 2nd      7-10  AGM and Social evening with December raffle and ‘Best Christmas Bonsai’


January 6th 2022 7-10  Subscriptions


Unless otherwise stated the meetings will be held on the first Thursday of the month in the Weston Favell Parish Hall starting at 19:00 hrs


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