Programmes 2015-2020


Below are previous programmes which will give you a history of our activities
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Unless otherwise stated, meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 19:00 until 22.00

January 2nd     7-10pm Subscriptions. Review trees for development in 2020 and take photographs

February 6th    7-10pm  Members’ Workshop

March 5th        7-10pm Members’ Workshop. Review the ‘2020’ trees

Due to Covid-19 all further meetings suspended until further notice

March 14th       Sat. 10-4pm  Members’ Workshop

March 21st       Sat. 10-4pm  Corin Tomlinson Workshop


April 2nd          7-10pm David Cheshire demonstration

May 7th           7-10pm Garden Party hosted by Steve and Hilary Brown


June 4th          7-10pm Preview trees for Annual Exhibition

June 20th        Sat 10-4 NBS Annual Show (Venue TBA)

June 21st        Sun 10-4 NBS Annual Show (Venue TBA)

July 2nd           7-10pm Members’ Workshop

August 6th       7-10pm Steve McKee demonstration


September 3rd 7-10pm Members’ Workshop. Review the ‘2020’ trees


October 1st      7-10pm Harry Harrington demonstration

October 17th     Sat. 10-4 Members’ Workshop

November 5th  7-10pm Members’ Workshop. Review the ‘2020’ trees

December 3rd  7-10pm AGM and Social evening with December raffle and ‘Best Christmas Bonsai’


January 7th 2021 7-10pm Subscriptions


Unless otherwise stated the meetings will be held on the first Thursday of the month in the Weston Favell Parish Hall starting at 19:00 hrs

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